Reddit (subreddits)

Last updated: December 23rd, 2022

In summary: please do not make subreddits, Reddit user accounts, or anything of the sort in my name. Regardless of whatever you claim (it’s “unofficial,” “parody,” etc.) I will reach out to Reddit and have them shut down, or even take legal action if necessary. Thank you for your understanding, full explanation is below.

I do not run an official, public subreddit on Reddit. I do use Reddit: I hold r/sladewatkins and u/sladewatkins under my control and use u/sladeiam for official communications over there. The fact is, I’m uncomfortable having an open forum on the internet dedicated solely to me. A subreddit is, in every sense, exactly that — and it sounds like a recipe for disaster, especially if I were to endorse it.

And that’s not even beginning to mention what Reddit is home to, or has been home to previously — conspiracy theorists, misogynists, racist and xenophobic people, etc. — I’d very much rather not having a section dedicated to me on that hellsite no matter how strong the moderation is set. That’s not an indirect or unofficial endorsement I want to make. I literally wince at the very idea of it. I do not want part of it.

You’re probably wondering why I have a Reddit account then… well, for one, it’s for official business purposes and two, I’ve filtered my feed heavily. I’ve mostly stayed away from the trash for years now. But regardless, I don’t want part of it in any further capacity than “I happen to look at adorable Animal Crossing content on occasion” or whatever the case may be. I hope you can understand.

This page is here so that if you Google my name with “Reddit” or “subreddit”, it comes up. Please do not set up any subreddits, accounts, or whatever else in my name. This includes unofficial subreddits and/or accounts, parody subreddits and/or accounts, or whatever I might be forgetting to list here. Just don’t. I will not hesitate to take action, through Reddit Support or legal action, if applicable. Thanks!

If you spot a* potential fake subreddit or user account out there*, please get in touch with me and my team!