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DC Server Migration

In March 2023, my hosting partners and I set to move things onto dedicated hardware and in September of that same year, we decided on putting all of my servers into a datacenter located in the DC Metro Area with replications elsewhere across the United States. The contract was signed in October 2023, with the move to be fully completed in September 2024—with a shutdown date of October 2024 planned for the Albany, NY servers. I apologize for any interruptions related to this migration.

Moving servers to DC was a highly coordinated decision, ultimately to bring stability to every service I host and maintain for clients (and myself, of course). It was the right call and I definitely don’t regret it. Most of you won’t notice a change, but for those of you linked up to cable or fiber internet with dedicated hardware exchanges or Cloudflare relay(s) in your area, there will be less latency and hoops to jump through before you reach a website that’s hosted on a server of mine.

This performance boost applies to simple redirects as well (from non-www to www, etc.), which I think is cool. Shout out to my entire team for making this move and the serious strides made possible!

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