There has been an uptick in folks subscribing me to email lists, for some reason, so I’ve elected to transition to a form-based system before anyone is able to get my email address on So sorry if this inconveniences you in any way, but the spam was getting bad enough that I had to do something.

Current response times

I get a lot of emails, so response times for emails are generally within a few hours during the Tues-Fri workweek. I don’t answer much on Saturday/Sunday but may be able to push out a reply here or there if I’m lucky. For this reason, I use Mondays as an inbox catch-up day, so if I can’t reply to a weekend email, that’s when I’ll do those. Then the cycle repeats itself.

Business/Professional Inquiries

Before you email me:

  • I can’t accept any sponsorship/partnership deals from apps with micro-transactions. Similarly, I also can’t accept deals from apps that have gambling features.
  • I am not taking on any web-design work right now. I’ll update this page once this sort of work is back open again.
  • This inbox is heavily spam-filtered: Please provide your professional email address. Regardless of the domain, info@ and contact@ addresses will get marked as spam, so I’d recommend using a direct address (like yourname@) instead.
  • I do not monitor this particular inbox personally; all replies are screened by a third-party before being forwarded to me.

Everything else

Before you email me:

  • To subscribe to my email list, please see the home page, as this form does not subscribe you to it.
  • This inbox is for non-business related messages ONLY.