Why don’t you read your own business emails?

TL:DR — I just can’t feasibly read all the emails that come across my desk.

It’s a long story, but I get a lot of emails every day (around 200-300 at peak), so I really couldn’t keep up with it myself, and make sure I’m getting the work that I need to do done. So, with that, I handed over the keys to someone else on my team who has their own inbox on sladewatkins(dot)com. I get looped in if they think the project is interesting and meets some internal standards (aka “vetting”) of whomever is asking.

This process, alone, has not only made sure I don’t walk myself into a PR disaster, but it has also limited the amount of things I need to read, process, or otherwise be aware of each week. That, in turn, has helped my mental wellbeing (especially with all the other stuff I have to worry about.) I know that’s a long explanation and that’s why there’s a TL:DR above. Thanks for understanding, though!