Tackling the web in 2022

It’s 2022, and the web is very much a mess. How do you tackle something like this? How can you share your thoughts in an environment that isn’t so noisy? Are you even able to do that?

The answer, surprisingly, is yes.

In November 2021, I was approached by someone within Wallymer to potentially create a blog. I was immediately interested and greenlit the idea. Weeks later, I was approached again by this person with a concept that I couldn’t let go of. We gave the project a codename, GobbleGobble. And together, in secret, over the course of nearly a year, our idea came together as Tackling The Web – a blog from the people around Wallymer. I heard there’s an “inside story” behind it, too.

Remember, Wallymer isn’t a company. Its only funding? The blood, sweat, and tears of like-minded folks. It’s a place to belong.

Our hope is that we’ll get to share that experience with you. Come join us at Wallymer.com.