My wishlist for Kakariko Herald’s new CMS platform

While I may not know where to start, I am beginning to form the earliest concepts for what Kakariko Herald’s new CMS platform will entail. Why? Well, because Kakariko Herald is has grown to a point where WordPress is having serious trouble keeping up. I have to build something that’ll get us through in the long term. 

I figured I’d make this post to list some of my wishes for what this new platform will entail. A lot of it won’t be there at launch, no… I still have to figure out how to approach (and build) this because I’m still a newbie at web development, after all… But these are the main ideas:

  • Privacy-friendly, generic analytics only (We use GoatCounter)
  • A simple, lightweight experience that’s quick to load
  • Simple backend as well, quick at posting updates
  • Scheduled posts
  • Autoposting to social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Mastodon in our case)
  • In-house accounts backend
  • Comments
  • Forums
  • Moderation tools
  • hCaptcha

It’s possible I could approach some [more experienced] folks that I know in the space to see if they could help me build v6 of Kakariko Herald. I definitely don’t want to approach this alone, as that’d be unwise. I don’t know yet. 

(And if you happen to be a reader of our site… please know that Kakariko Herald is here to stay. We’re taking off fast, and this is only the beginning!)