I Want to Build a New CMS

It’s no secret that I enjoy building websites. I’ve done it for work, and for fun. Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to my usual suspects: WordPress, Drupal, done. But even though I’ve grown fond of these tools, I find myself wanting to build a bigger, more rich content management system (CMS) that could manage Kakariko Herald (KH), and in which isn’t built atop a WordPress base.

I have no idea where to start, and I’ve been researching like crazy, but PHP and MySQL are still new to me. So, to say a lot of it sounds really complicated is an understatement. I toyed around with the idea of hiring an outside agency to develop this, or asking some of my more knowledgeable friends to lend a hand, but I quickly shut that down due to funding (and respect for their time, obviously!)

I have a lot of ideas for how the CMS could work/function, since it’s being imagined with KH in mind… The fact of the matter is: building something this focused, alone, will take 2-3 years if I started today and did it in my off-hours. My hope is that KH won’t outgrow WordPress too much in that time. It mostly already has, something I shared my feelings for in the KH work chat this morning.

So it’s WordPress for now… hopefully it’ll last ’til I can build something new. I suspect it won’t. (But fingers crossed.) 

[Oh, and hey, if you have any pointers or something, I’m all ears. Drop me a line!]