I only care how well my team does, not how much

I saw an article from someone who has been in the industry for over three decades say that they care how much their team does, and don’t care how well they do. I’d been reading a lot of those sorts of articles lately… I’m building my team at Kakariko Herald, trying to collect advice and guidance on how to run a team.

But it turns out, 2022 is very different. You can’t run a company the same way you could in 1992. So, I stopped reading the articles and am taking a different approach to making this work. One that’s modern, actually makes sense, and doesn’t make the team suffer.

People have families, lives, responsibilities. They need to make sure there’s food on the table, can’t be working 9-forevers, and it seems like managers lack that basic empathy.

So, how are we different?

  • I don’t care how much you do, only how well you do. Can’t do 18 things in a day? Don’t. No, really.
  • Enforced time off! Yep, every year, each team member is required to take a week off. When they do is up to them, and they have two additional weeks to use on top of that, but we value rest here.
  • We appreciate and value our guiding philosophy, it’s the cornerstone of everything we do.

We’re not perfect and we’re always learning. But 2022 requires a new approach. This is the road we’ve decided to go down, and somehow, some way: it’s working.