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  • Time is Sacred: My New Guiding Philosophy

    My publication, Kakariko Herald, is a team of 4 people (myself included) that are placed all around the globe. It’s safe to call KH “remote-first.”  Since inception, we’ve communicated through several means: email, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal… Heck, even recently, my primary editor and I have switched to using Basecamp to run our operations. (Seriously: you […]

  • My wishlist for Kakariko Herald’s new CMS platform

    While I may not know where to start, I am beginning to form the earliest concepts for what Kakariko Herald’s new CMS platform will entail. Why? Well, because Kakariko Herald is has grown to a point where WordPress is having serious trouble keeping up. I have to build something that’ll get us through in the […]