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  • Commitment to Using Open Source Software and Technologies On My Devices Going Forward

    Following Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk, and the clear indication that Big Tech was only going to get bigger, I previously announced via social media that I’d commit to using open-source software and technologies on my devices going forward. That reigns true with me taking a moment to reiterate the announcement, as well as detail […]

  • A Little Mayhem of My Own: Finally Announcing What’s Incoming

    I’ve been thinking about the blog recently, specifically how to improve this for the future and build upon it for years to come. And I think that it’s time to retire it… at least partially. I’d like to explain why, at least very quickly, because all roads lead to something really cool (in my humble […]

  • a special announcement is incoming

    hey all yOu Cool people, I’ve goT a very special annOuncement incoming, & you’ll BE able to heaR about it very soon! jusT a feW morE days, I promise. good stuff comiNg To You really soon! not tonight, but in duE tIme. it’s worth the lonG waiT… Have a great night! 😉

  • Tackling the web in 2022

    It’s 2022, and the web is very much a mess. How do you tackle something like this? How can you share your thoughts in an environment that isn’t so noisy? Are you even able to do that? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. In November 2021, I was approached by someone within Wallymer to potentially create […]

  • Time is Sacred: My New Guiding Philosophy

    My publication, Kakariko Herald, is a team of 4 people (myself included) that are placed all around the globe. It’s safe to call KH “remote-first.”  Since inception, we’ve communicated through several means: email, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal… Heck, even recently, my primary editor and I have switched to using Basecamp to run our operations. (Seriously: you […]

  • My wishlist for Kakariko Herald’s new CMS platform

    While I may not know where to start, I am beginning to form the earliest concepts for what Kakariko Herald’s new CMS platform will entail. Why? Well, because Kakariko Herald is has grown to a point where WordPress is having serious trouble keeping up. I have to build something that’ll get us through in the […]

  • Reviving OneCMS: An old friend that runs my website now

    Recently, I took it upon myself to start rebuilding my website. Giving it an overhaul and moving away from WordPress. It’s not that I don’t like WordPress — I do — it’s just that, as a web developer at heart, there’s was a part of me that missed being able to get into the deep […]