Author: Slade Rice Watkins

  • How you can help me

    Hi, my name is Slade. I’m the founder, editor-in-chief, and director of Kakariko Herald, which has been recognized by many game companies and their press agencies. (Even writing that feels wild to me!) Truth be told, I’ve been running it while also looking for a full-time job, which has proved difficult. With my job search […]

  • Let the music play ’til the end

    The title of this post is a reference to “Never Not Gonna Dance Again” by P!nk, the song’s title inspired the theme of this post. I see so much negativity online, especially after Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, that I guess I wanted to chime in. I mean, I can’t say much more than what […]

  • Commitment to Using Open Source Software and Technologies On My Devices Going Forward

    Following Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk, and the clear indication that Big Tech was only going to get bigger, I previously announced via social media that I’d commit to using open-source software and technologies on my devices going forward. That reigns true with me taking a moment to reiterate the announcement, as well as detail […]

  • A Little Mayhem of My Own: Finally Announcing What’s Incoming

    I’ve been thinking about the blog recently, specifically how to improve this for the future and build upon it for years to come. And I think that it’s time to retire it… at least partially. I’d like to explain why, at least very quickly, because all roads lead to something really cool (in my humble […]

  • STATEMENT: On The UK Government

    What is happening right now in the UK — with three prime ministers having been in office this year alone — is concerning. What’s more, it’s even more concerning that a general election that is wanted by a majority of UK citizens (prior to the one due in 2025) has not been called. This is […]

  • a special announcement is incoming

    hey all yOu Cool people, I’ve goT a very special annOuncement incoming, & you’ll BE able to heaR about it very soon! jusT a feW morE days, I promise. good stuff comiNg To You really soon! not tonight, but in duE tIme. it’s worth the lonG waiT… Have a great night! 😉

  • Minecraft 1.20: Thoughts on Version Numbers, and The New “Features”

    I didn’t watch Minecraft Live in full, just the part where they discussed a little bit about what was new in this update. And honestly? It’s pretty underwhelming so far, but I feel like we kind of expected that. Mojang hasn’t had an excellent track record with delivering upon promised features in one update. (Caves […]

  • PREDICTION: 2023-24 iPhone Lineup

    Here’s what I think the lineup for the iPhone will look like in 2023-24. Disclaimer: This is purely speculation not based on any real data, so take it all with a grain of salt! I believe the line will be comprised of the following (cheapest to most expensive): iPhone SE (3rd gen)* iPhone 14 iPhone […]

  • Tackling the web in 2022

    It’s 2022, and the web is very much a mess. How do you tackle something like this? How can you share your thoughts in an environment that isn’t so noisy? Are you even able to do that? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. In November 2021, I was approached by someone within Wallymer to potentially create […]

  • I only care how well my team does, not how much

    I saw an article from someone who has been in the industry for over three decades say that they care how much their team does, and don’t care how well they do. I’d been reading a lot of those sorts of articles lately… I’m building my team at Kakariko Herald, trying to collect advice and […]