A Little Mayhem of My Own: Finally Announcing What’s Incoming

I’ve been thinking about the blog recently, specifically how to improve this for the future and build upon it for years to come. And I think that it’s time to retire it… at least partially. I’d like to explain why, at least very quickly, because all roads lead to something really cool (in my humble opinion.)

One of my biggest passions has always been content production, be it audio/video, written blogs, presentations, etc. I just like producing content. And I want to combine them all in some way… so, without further ado, I’m announcing that my primary YouTube channel will relaunch next month.

Among the content planned, I’ve already got some strong projects in the pipeline. Here’s just a tiny peek at what’s coming:

  • Tutorials/walkthroughs for how to do things on your computer (ranging from beginner to advanced stuff).
  • How & why I use Mac + Linux, instead of Windows 10/11.
  • What’s on my phones, computers, & tablets (aka showing off my “workflow”).
  • A bi-weekly or monthly podcast.
  • Guest appearances from some fellow content creators and other friends.

In an Instagram post, I briefly mentioned that I was “working on making my background interesting…” Many didn’t pick up on that, even my best friend, but that was a reference to today’s announcement. After a really long summer filled with many hiccups, I had so many ideas for things to work on that I didn’t stop making.

Written blog posts certainly have their place, so how will those work now? Well, they’ll still exist, but they’ll primarily serve as both a broadcast that a video is out, and as supplements to the video itself. The post will associate with a video, and include its resources, transcript, etc.

On transcripts, I do plan to have captioning done for the channel. It’s part of the reason why this has taken a bit more time than usual to get this going. Captions will likely appear 1-2 days after publication, depending on YouTube Studio’s cooperation (you know how it is), and will all be based off of my internal scripts to ensure accuracy.

It took many months to decide what direction I wanted to go in with my main channel. And after much reflection, I think this is the best direction. I’m very excited to show you what I’ve been working on beginning next month!

Stay tuned to my socials for updates!


P.S. – Did anyone catch the little easter egg I put in a recent blog post, and my blurb on social prior to this being published? If you did… congrats, that was a hint at tonight’s announcement!