Guiding Philosophy

These principles guide how I’m building Kakariko Herald from the ground up. I hope these will be deeply woven into the culture for years to come.

1. Email’s a tool.

A real example.

In both senses of the word, email is a tool. One day it’s useful, another it’s a battlefield. And if you’re like me, you spend a lot of time in your inbox. It’s how I run Kakariko Herald at a large, ever-expanding scale, after all! However, my inbox is also where emails go to die. I’ve lost control. I’m going to take it back. My solution is from 37signals, but for you, that could be something else! (They also make the tool we use internally at KH for operations: Basecamp.)

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Kakariko Herald’s team is placed all around the globe, across so many different time zones that it’s actually near-impossible to sync up for a call. But we still communicate regularly in Basecamp. My philosophy is simple: communicate effectively. And for me, and for us, that’s in writing!

3. Balance time. Not manage it.

I hate the term “you need to manage your time.” It doesn’t make sense. Instead, we take the approach of “balance your time” here. Balancing means separating work, life, and sleep into equal parts. Rinse and repeat.

4. Set aside time for yourself.

We’re humans, we can’t be expected to do the same thing every day with no breaks. That’s a great way to cause burnout and make the work we’re doing simply stressful. Instead, we encourage being yourself, and if that means a mental health day, then it means a mental health day. Set aside that vital time for YOU.

5. Quantity isn’t worth suffering over.

Sure, might seem counterproductive for a news site, but you have to consider quality over quantity. We’re not about sending somethign out half-baked: we want it to be perfectly crafted, to have a reason for existing, and to inform our readers. Where’s the fun in putting out 6 half-baked stories when you could instead take your time and put out 1-2 carefully considered stories? Don’t beat yourself up: you’re doing just fine!