Full Statement: Kiwifarms Blocked from Cloudflare

September 3, 2022 (Immediately Released)

Today, Kiwifarms was FINALLY blocked from @Cloudflare‘s infrastructure. While I am disappointed it took this long, I am applauding @eastdakota and team’s actions. This was not an easy decision. But I must criticize the path CF management chose to take: they plugged their ears, shut replies off, made attempts to cool things off: all in what appeared to be clear support of this forum’s actions. Real people are getting hurt, & Cloudflare still turned a blind eye for weeks.

We cannot forget what Cloudflare did here, and I must ask that @eastdakota and @Cloudflare use this as a teachable moment. Cloudflare and its management must commit to being more transparent in the future. And to take constructive criticism at a value. Full stop.

Cloudflare’s post on the matter: https://blog.cloudflare.com/kiwifarms-blocked/

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