Website - Revision Testing

Testing your revisions is really important, as when you launch a test server, you’ll know immediately if you broke something (and potentially what you broke, as well).

This guide is written for macOS and can be loosely applied to Linux as well. If you use Windows, you’re on your own.


You’ll need Homebrew installed before going any further. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll need to install node and yarn on your system.

You can do so by running:

brew install node
brew install yarn

Then, install bridgetown by running:

gem install bridgetown -N

Don’t worry, OneCMS runs on top of Bridgetown’s upstream repository (for now) so you’re all set. In the future, versioning may be handled by a separate gem.

And you’re set. Now you can…

Get going for the first time

First, start by cloning the sladewatkins/website repository from GitHub using git. Make sure you do this in the parent directory where you’d like the files to be stored.

git clone

Then, use cd to enter the directory you just created.

cd website

Then, run the following command to start the internal server included with Bridgetown:

bin/bridgetown start

And you now have a replica of this website running at localhost:4000. Use this local server to test your revisions.