Website - Contributing

My website, and the OneCMS engine behind it, are open source, meaning anyone can contribute code as they see fit, or even fork it and use it for their own purposes (within the scope that the licenses permit).

Since it can sometimes get lost amongst the chaos, I would to remind everyone that all Pull Requests (PRs) and issues should be directed towards the repository on the staging branch, and not my email, UNLESS the issue pertains to a major security risk. Also, please make sure to test your revisions before submitting a PR.

Submitting a pull request

You can submit a pull request to the GitHub repository. Friendly reminder to make sure you don’t select master as the branch you want to merge into: that’s not allowed. Please, always make sure to select staging when submitting a PR.

I will then take the commits, merge them into my staging tree, then send them up to master once I’ve tested and reviewed revisions myself.