Last updated: December 23rd, 2022

Please do not set up a Discord server, unofficial or parody, in my name. Please do not do so for any of my friends either. Regardless of whatever you claim (it’s “unofficial,” “parody,” etc.) I will reach out to Discord and have them shut down, or even take legal action if necessary. Thank you for your understanding, full explanation is below.

I do not run an official, public Discord server. I do use Discord, and do have an account, but it’s private and I’m very selective about who is on my friend’s list. I also do moderate for various servers on a very part-time basis.

I used to have a public server and it was a disaster. I’ll never do it again, especially not alone. It’s too much work and I’m not willing to undertake it.

That being said, this page is here so that if you Google my name with “Discord”, it comes up. Please do not set up any servers in my name. This includes unofficial servers and/or accounts, parody servers and/or accounts, or whatever else. I will not hesitate to take action, through Discord Support/Trust & Safety or legal action, if applicable.

Thanks for understanding.

If you spot a potential fake server or account out there, please get in touch with me and my team!