I think I'm done with Twitter, for now.

Honestly, I saw this day coming from a mile away. But I didn’t think it happen this soon.

Twitter has been home to my growth and success building an audience for roughly a year and a half now (consistently). I’ve been lurking on the site since 2015, and have had many accounts amassing thousands of followers combined. But with the uncertainty under what can only be described as Elon Musk’s “chaotic” ownership of the service, I’ve found myself questioning whether or not to stay a “daily active user.” For example, the most recent changes have begun to break and change the service drastically (some changes in which especially affect accessibility), and has even led to serious neglect of the API lately.

To be honest with you all, I just can’t do it anymore.

So, I’m going to be stepping away. Forever? No, heavens no. But for now, yes! My notifications are off, my DMs are closed to the public, and I’m moving on from everyday activity for right this second. This could change in a week, a month, maybe a year, but I really need the break. I’ll be arbitrarily putting myself on a “Twitter diet” of just 20 minutes per day, should I choose to check it.

So, what will I actually be posting? Well, for transparency, this is what I’ve got:

But again, none of these will be posted every day. Just every couple days or so!

At the very least, I’m getting a break from the chaos and especially the doomscrolling. Every five minutes it’s something new. It’s making me unhappy and that needs to change, so I can put my heart into some of the things I actually care about (like rverse for Wii U, one of the things I want to launch with Tigstahh or even our joint project Kakariko Herald). Doomscrolling isn’t helping me in the slightest. It stops today.

So, if you’d like to get super frequent updates from me instead of what I’ve laid out above, I’m on several other platforms as well as @slade@pope.party on your favourite fediverse interface (Mastodon, Misskey, etc.) If you’re feeling old school, email is always an option and is something I use very frequently! But don’t worry – whatever’s super important, you’ll see it on the bird too. Promise.

Much love 💙 and Happy Holidays,
– Slade