Ethics Statement

What is your policy on integrations in YouTube videos?

Integrations — or baked-in sponsorships — in videos are pretty much the only way I can make money reporting on the site, as I’m not a member of the YouTube Partner Program (and also do not meet the qualifications yet.) For content creators to stay afloat, some of us offer integrations to brands at a flat/fixed rate. That’s what I do.

You have my word, however, that nothing that I will cover as a journalist will ever become a product placement. And I will never accept an integration if I do not believe in the product or have done my due diligence.

I do not accept integrations from gambling apps. I also do not take on integrations that are “pay-per-click.”

What organizations are you connected to?

I have a connection to several organizations around the tech and gaming sphere, just by nature of being part of the community for so long. I’m happy to disclose this information so you know where my interests are when reporting, though.

– I am a developer at rverse, a Homebrew Miiverse replacement for the 3DS and Wii U. I also have a connection to two people at Pretendo. I do not earn any sort of compensation for this role, and never have.
– I am connected to several employees at tech/tech-related companies like Apple, Google, The Iconfactory, and more. I do not hide these connections in any capacity, and none of these connections have any influence on my reporting.
– I will avoid reporting on anything in which I’ve given input on in some capacity

What about affiliate links?

Occasionally, I may link out to sites using an affiliate link. By making a purchase with the link, I may receive a small kickback of the final sale. Think of it like a referral program, as that’s the basic idea. Some of these programs allow you to adjust the percentage you give me, too.

I am a member of the following programs:
Humble Bundle
Sovrn Commerce

However, due to various agreements and contracts with these companies, I’m not able to disclose how the funds from these programs will be used.

Can companies license your content for their own advertisements?

No. From an ethical standpoint, I’m not really fond of the idea of any company using my reporting as a way to advertise or make it look like I’m endorsing their product when I’m most definitely not.

Companies who ask have always been (nicely) told a flat no. I recognize this could be an alternative revenue source, but it simply wouldn’t be ethical.

Got any further questions? Feel free to reach out!